Andrew McMahon is My Homeboy
  -  Andrew McMahon is My Homeboy

Andrew (McMahon) is My Homeboy

Designed to raise awareness for Andrew McMahon, lead singer of Something Corporate/Jack’s Mannequin/Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, after his diagnosis with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia. Sold worldwide, proceeds donated to Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation and Dear Jack Foundation. Featured on Warped Tour and Jack’s Mannequin merchandise website.

This was a design I threw together while in my Tech Ed class in 11th grade. Fellow fans LOVED it so much that my mom and I worked hard to get them made and shipped out to people in support of Andrew’s battle. By the way, Andrew’s doing well today, in remission, and spreading the word about young adult cancers.

“Many fans set up leukemia fundraisers, selling everything from t-shirts with the slogan ‘Andrew is my homeboy’ to silicone wristbands. ‘It was extremely comforting,’ [Andrew McMahon] said of the fan support. ‘I consider them this extended family of mine. I think in a lot of ways they’ve more than repaid me for the things I’ve been able to give to them.'” – Andrew McMahon, The Maneater, 2006