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Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar


In-restaurant Print, Digital (Social Media, Emails/Newsletters, Paid), Art Direction/Photoshoots


Art Director, Designer, Illustrator, Photographer/Videographer




Alicia Terry

Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar was looking for a more uniform, upgraded look across campaigns throughout the year. Our ultimate goal for each campaign was to drive reservations and revenue.

Our team was responsible for delivering all print materials for in-restaurant, including but not limited to menus, check presenters, a-frames, tabletop cards, beverage inserts, and training docs for the chefs. Additionally, we were in charge of Fleming’s newsletters and emails, creative for paid ads, social media (Instagram/Facebook). I art directed photo shoots for these campaigns and social media purposes.



Below are examples of newsletter emails I've designed within the new Fleming's look and feel. This isn't your standard ``dark and stuffy`` steakhouse. I designed with a white background in mind to keep it native to most mobile email apps.



For Easter 2018, we introduced Fleming's newer color palette and illustrations (we were still using the older typography here). Instead of sticking to their standard ``wine cow`` illustration, I drew on rabbit ears to add an ``easter egg`` (pun intended) for the guests. Similarly, I decided that the children's menu also needed some flair, so I added decorative eggs in the same illustration style as the cow. Art direction and photos by me. Photos shown on email by Dave Spataro.


Father's Day

Fleming's Father's Day campaign in 2018 focused around a three-course meal based around their 32 oz. tomahawk steak. There was also a premium bourbon flight experience as an add-on and a brunch offered earlier in the day. Similar to the Easter campaign, I designed everything from menus to tabletop cards. The photoshoot was also art directed by me and my team. Photographer: Dave Spataro

Photo by Dave Spataro


Fleming's Steakhouse & Wine Bar Social

Utilizing my photos from multiple photoshoots, I pitched grid concepts to Fleming's to convince them to allow us to take over their social media accounts, primarily Instagram. Around this time, I was also sent to Miami to help with their grand opening in their Brickell location. I helped set up solo Instagram stations for guests to use to photograph their food dishes.
Fleming's was not planning on capturing highlights this event on their Instagram, so I took the initiative to capture the night, live on their account. We were also blessed to see Jonathan Cheban (@foodgod) at the event; I captured some content of him there and regrammed a photo he tagged us in, gaining us hundreds of more followers. From there, we were given full access to the account from then out, building out monthly calendars to increase engagement and awareness for Fleming's promotions. Here are some of the latest work we're had success with on Instagram.