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John McGill


Jessica Druck

Remember LOST? You know, that crazy hit show where folks got stranded on a deserted island? And Castaway? Oh yeah, and TITANIC?

Mesh those all together, add comedians, and you have Wrecked.

TBS came to VaynerMedia to drive awareness and boost conversation around and during the airing of Season 2 for Wrecked.

Facebook Live

Interactive Facebook Live Games

One way to keep fans talking was by gamifying Facebook Lives that drummed up speculation around new episodes. Each week featured different themes based off of the storyline for each episode. The examples below show two of my favorite executions where we created 8-bit style games. Left: fans were instructed to type up a list of commands to help two characters woo a pirate to get off the island (yes, this was based on one of the episodes!). Right: fans were told to follow the commands in the comments to assist the main characters into the center of the maze (PacMan style). Their reward was a sneak peak into that night's episode.


Baywatch Spoof

Season 2 of Wrecked premiered within a month of the latest Baywatch movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, so we spoofed up our OWN Baywatch using unedited dailies that were never aired on TV.


Steve Gets Ready... for a Hot Date

We were really fortunate to receive a lot of unreleased footage that they never used in the main season. Jess and I decided they were too good to be hidden from the world. I took the raw footage, storyboarded, color corrected, threw some sexy music in, and pieced the clips together to give them the proper release.


Happy 4th!

Also using unedited footage that was mostly unused in the season. I went all out for our fourth of July post, 'cause 'Merica.



Mimicking the Confused Math Lady meme.